JG MadeUmLook released the video to his single “Fuck Ya’ll” featuring T3, directed by Kevin “DJ IRON LUNG” Escalante. He goes in on the new record for the haters stating “for those of ya’ll still hatin’ this one’s for you for sure”. Throughout the video JG MadeUmLook appears conversing with his crew about how people talk behind his back “but everytime they see me out in public wanna shake a n*** hand ‘cause these n*** know they can’t fight”. He disses the people who speak ill of him breaking down the type of people they really are. The footage follows both rappers through an everyday scenario as they remain unbothered, and T3 adds in “I ain’t trippin bruh I’m just doin’ me”. In this relaxed setting paired with this hyped song JG Ma
deUmLook will have you feeling his lyrics, unworried about those who may hate you.

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