Bloe comes together with JG MadeUmLook and Valglorious on his new single, creating the collaboration “Klearance”. This laid back yet energy driven song will have you bobin’ to the beat. The old film styled video will set the mood for the cruise through Sacramento as the artists dance to the hit. . Bloe keeps us updated saying “I’m just tryna reach my goals” and JG MadeUmLooks reminds us that he’s “on that hard work… and dedication”. The song goes on to describe a couple with ambition ready to have their plans come together without any outside distractions. Valglourious puts it simply that it’s “time to take off, we don’t need no interference, ‘casue everytime we take off, I’m askin’ you for clearance.” Filed with creative angles and beautiful shots of the Sacramento scenery, this video will have you playing the song out your car windows on your next drive around town.

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