Bay area rising artist JG MadeEmLook and Derrick King collaborate on a dope remix to this RawSmoov record “Number 1”. The poolside music video is directed by the talented Jae Synth. The music video features the two artists and their party enjoying the California weather and the newest remix playing over the speakers. JG MadeEMLook and Derrick King share with the viewers how they feel about their number 1. JG MadeEmLook explains that “before my music blew i was your average n***”, but that his girl saw through all of it and has been riding with him since the beginning. As everyone continues to dance by the pool King takes the chorus continuing to expressing his feelings. JG MadeEmLook goes as far to compare his relationship to Bonnie and Clyde and says “She the ride or die type, that’s why she’s my chick”. The impressively shot video will have you wanting to enjoy the last month of summer outside by the pool with your friends and your number 1 too.

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