The Real Spill Show featuring Nef The Pharaoh

Big Omeezy’s second episode of The Real Spill Show guest stars Nef The Pharaoh. The two discuss everything from the beginning of Nef’s music career that led him to signing with Sick Wid it Records, to his message to both his fans and haters, his two year old son, and even what to expect next from the up and coming artist.

At the start of the interview the rapper is asked about his first hit back in 2015 “Big Tymin’”, after giving some insight on his first single “Bitch Im from Vallejo” which caught E40’s attention. This lead to E40 including him on the new album Sharp On All 4 Corners. Nef explains that “Big Tymin’” was not released on Itunes or any other media player. “It was just a video…” Nef The Pharaoh explains. “…that’s how people saw it. If you want to hear the song you had to see the video”. Big Omeezy adds in that he remembers being at KnockDown Studios when he first saw the youtube upload and then later heard from E40 that Nef The Pharaoh had been signed to Sick Wid It Records.

The two move on to the discussion of Nef The Pharaoh’s music after signing with the record label. Nef relates “I knew it was about to be serious…when I was at the grocery store. I saw one of my old teachers and she told me I wasn’t gonna be shit…” He then states she recognized him saying “‘that’s Nef The Pharaoh. He sing Big Tymin’’ boy that was the best”. G Eazy and Nef the Pharaoh worked together soon after that. Nef says he had always been a big fan and when they first met G Eazy brought him to Sacramento to perform. “It was my first big ass crowd” Nef says as he describes the 30,000 fans he performed for. He later appeared on tour with G Eazy for roughly 2 years. The rapper states “we from the same hood… [G Eazy] go hard”. Since then Nef the Pharaoh has been brought on stage by many artist including Beyonce, Drake, and DJ Kahled.

Big Omeezy then asks Nef what the biggest misconception is about his new career. “People think it’s easy and it really happens over night” he says. He explains that the media and press can be so quick to blow up an artist it appears as though everything happens fast. Nef clarifies that “you really gotta dig deeper then the surface, when mufukas was really gridin… it didn’t come easy”. The artist also shares some insight on his now two year old son and how he impacts his music. “Everything I do is for him, every power move… It’s going to reflect on my son one day”.

Nef shouts out the Alabama native OMB Peezy, the newest member to Sick Wid It Records. He then goes on to discuss his shows coming up in London, and The Chang Project. He elaborates that “it’s the mixtape before the album”, and then continues that his album will be released sometime next month, in April. The rapper also has merchandise out including pre rolled joints and backwoods. Before the end of the interview Nef The Pharaoh reminds us that “I’m not doin’ this for anybody. I’m doing this for myself ‘cause I enjoy it.”

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